June 27, 2022

Planning on returning an order? Here are a few reasons why you should not!

There are few things as convenient as online shopping. You can order from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks and the product arrives at your doorstep. Returns and exchanges are very convenient as well. Many small businesses go to the trouble of adding free returns at a substantial cost to themselves. Overall, the advent of shopping through a screen has made the lives of the customers and small businesses easier. 

Even though it may seem that all these processes happen relatively without any incident, returns are a very complicated process. As the number of online orders keeps increasing day by day, so does the number of returned orders. The clothing and fashion industry suffer the most, with about 30-40% of orders being sent back for returns/exchanges. These returned clothes don’t always go back to the shelves and find a new owner. In case of unnecessary returns, it is the brand that has to fork out most of the cost and lose money in the process. Unnecessary returns also increase one’s carbon footprint and in the long run, can be very harmful to the environment. 

Here are a few things you can do to avoid returns and help small businesses!

  • Choose the correct fit!
    Sizes can be very confusing and it is understandable that buying the wrong sizes is one of the main reasons for returns. However, if you take a minute to check out the size charts on the brand’s website, a lot of confusion can be avoided!
  • Check out what other people think before you buy! 
    Look at customer reviews as they are a great indicator of what people think about a certain product.