June 27, 2022

Global Warming, Heat Waves, and How they’re Transforming Our Planet for Worse

In the last few decades, temperatures have soared to record highs due to climate change. Mass pollution and increased industrialization have exponentially sped up the process of global warming. This alarming spike in temperatures has increased the frequency of heat waves in some of the most populated areas in the world. 

So what are heat waves exactly? Heatwaves are periods of excessively high temperature that can disrupt all facets of regular life. This phenomenon is becoming more and more common across the globe. Heatwaves substantially increase health and environment risks. In more developing parts of the world, heatwaves are a major cause of water, energy, and power shortages. Even though we're at a critical point already, the occurrence of extreme events are increasing steadily. According to WHO, between 2000 and 2016, the number of people exposed to heat waves increased by around 125 million. 

The sooner we find a way to reduce the impact of heat waves, the better chance we have of changing our planet for the better. Heat waves pose a danger to developed countries too, not just poorer nations. 

Here are a few tips to help you get through the next heat wave and the rest.

  • Plant more trees and increase the green cover in your city.
  • Good ventilation can help minimize the impact of heat waves.
  • Improve the electrical infrastructure in your area to sustain massive heat waves.

Along with these steps, start talking small steps to reduce your carbon footprint.