April 27, 2022

Impact of fast and disposable fashion

Do we know where do our used clothes end up? No where except our limited landfills like one of the below:
The impact of fast and disposable fashion has created a global clothing waste problem where our landfills are filling up fast. Many clothes are made of synthetic materials which are not bio-degradable and takes thousands of years to de-compost. In contrast, clothes made out of natural materials are biodegradable. 
   Kids apparel represents an important segment in the global apparel market which is growing fast. Below are some stats about kids clothing. As kids outgrow their clothes faster, their clothing waste is more frequent. 
  Even our clothing donations end up in landfills as they are often not reused or repurposed. Therefore, it has become increasingly necessary to opt for sustainable clothing options such as upcycle, recycle, eco-friendly, or used clothes. Ethical production and sustainability has become an overriding theme in today's consumer outlook which is a welcome change. 
  To join this sustainability mission and do our part, we at Yarrov are stepping into producing eco-friendly kids clothing which are made using natural and plant based fabrics. We use wooden or coconut buttons instead of plastic ones. We use only eco-friendly labeling and packaging options. 
  As we begin, we currently offer kids styles made using 100% cotton. As we continue to explore, we are looking forward to bring you more options of eco-friendly styles. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or sign-up to receive updates. We hope you enjoyed reading this space and liked our collection. Please reach out if there are any suggestions or feedback using out Contact Us page.